Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Plain white soap made with lard

I made this one because I had not used any lard in making my soaps so I just want to see how it would come out.

My 3rd soap. Made with lard and no scent.

I hot processed this soap> I though I would be hot processing all my soap but I been viewing alot of cold processed soap with lovely swirrls. Anyways Im still searching to find a great receipe!

My second attempt!

Ok this is not that bad! Man I can kick myself! I used to make soaps years ago and I had compiled alot of recipes however when I moved about 3years ago I gave all my soap making stuff away. I mean I had a heck of a lot of stuff! But becuause I was going thur a seperation I wanted to get out and start over. If I only known that I was going to do the soaping thing; I would have not goten ride of my stuff! "Hind site is a Mother!"

So It it is my 2nd attempt! This is also hot processed, its my kitchen helper with coffee grounds!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sharing some soaps I have made

I just wanted to share some of the soaps I have been working on for the past month. I was meaning to post as I made each soap but as you know time is not always your friend. So now I have a little time to share so lets do some "Show in tell"!

My first soap I have made in 6 years. Not the pretties but it did get me started back making soap for me and my family. Its is hot processed with oils I found at the local grocery store.