Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Goat milk!

Just picked up 2 more gallons of milk from the goat farm;-)  I still have 2 gallons ftom last week!

I've been making soap everyday with the frozen milk only made a small small dent in my frozen supply!  Now I'm outa castor and soy bean oil. Cant order any till tuesday.

In the mean time me and my kids are working on some BNB product for teens. Were thinking some lip balms, sugar scrubs, lotions and bar soap or a liquid soap in a gift pack or some kind of cute packing.  They need to raise funds for their 8th grade trip to NY and DC for a week! They both need to earn $2000 a piece.  That's just one idea we got lots more to implement!

Happy soaping:-)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lots n lots of frozen goat milk!

Over load of goat milk! O my gosh I keep getting blessed with two plus gallons every sunday. More than I can use in a week! When the lord blesses you he gives more than enough! Thank you Jesus!

My next project is making cheese with some of my abudence. First ill try the cheve then mozzarella.  I wish I could make a farmers cheese but I don't have the curing type of space it needs. 

What I have pictured here is only what's in that one freezer. Those are two gallon bags with one gallon of milk in each one. I think ima have to invest into another freezer.

Anyways I'm hecka happy to kerp getting my blessings.

Happy Soaping!

On another goat milk run!

Another Sunday got to go get fresh goat milk from my goat man and his spoiled goats! This time we pick up 2 and half gallons. One gallon to drink and the other for soap making.
Before I left I checked our supply and noted 2 gallons for soap and one and a half for soap or lotion making. That does not include the eight gallons in my freezers. I have milk coming out my ears.  Anyways I'm so bless to have met the wonderful man and his goats. Now I can make goat milk soaps, creams and lotions without worrying about running out.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Testing fragrances and playing around

This started as a gradient soap but I want to try my hand at adding a design within the soap so I add a tiger stripe of black and pink.  I really like how it turned out and so do my kids they think its neat.  I most definitely will be doing the style again. It makes the soap pop!  I was using  WSP margarita lime fragrance.  Its was very strong when I poured but after a week the scent has faded. So anyways here it is.

Soap challenge #4

Hey y'all I'm doing another soap challenge from Greatcakes Soapworks Amy Warden.

This time it's a multicolored gradient soap challenge that I'm doing. Unfortunately my soap don't look like its multi color but it was when poured it and I think the fragrance reacted with the color and so it looks like it only has two colors. Anyways I used the colors bright pink mica a bright orange mica and yellow mica which was a pop mica from TKB TRADING. The fragrace I used was Island Nectar from WSP. This is a BBW dupe and smelld lovely. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blue Sugar Cane

I really like this scent. It reminds me of a fragrace I used to buy from  Sears called Get Sexy but of course they don't make any more.  So glad Natures garden has this fragrance.
I used neon blue mica and pop mica form TKB trading. As you can see it does discolor to tan because of the vanilla content.  I should have used titanium dioxide to whiten the uncolored parts.  Overall I really like this scent and will be using this in body scrubs and lotions.

Sharing Soap

Everyone's favorite Black Rasberry Vanilla. This one is from Natures Garden.
I used the purple pop mica and charcoal both of these were from TKB trading. This is made with goats milk.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Avocado & Yogurt

Just another soap I was playing with.  Wanted to make some fresh vegetable soap. This soap I use fresh cucumber and fresh avocado I also put in some avocado oil this one is not scented.

Hawaiian Lei Flower

Making this for one of my co-workers. She love the floral fragrances.  Something I do not care for but I had received the scent from southerngarden scents and it was the one scent she liked out the order. I made this soap to reflecy the clores of her bathroom which is teal and brown. I did the foe funnel swirl using one pound batch of bastille soap recipe.