Monday, April 29, 2013

3rd attempt at Tiger Strips

Here's another attempt at making the tiger  strip soap!  I know im way behind way behind! Like its 3 soaps behind!  So anyways im really liking the colors i used the neon pink and charcoal black and the white. Another soaper used the same colors and it was real pretty!  This is the black berry vanilla fragrance oil which is multi color friendly.  But for some reason it kind of thicken up while i was pouring into the mold. Not sure what to call this soap it so pretty!

More cut fotos to come!

Monday, April 1, 2013

2nd Attempt at Tiger Strips Challenge

Ok So this is my second attempt at doing the Tiger Strips. OMG this was a challenge although I had fun doing it! Anyways it as doomed from the beginning! I had plan to make soap last week so I premade my lye water and let it set out to cool off and to have it ready when so I could add the frozen goat milk. Well things just did not happen that way.One thing after another kept me away from making soap and before I knew it a week had passed by!  Still the lye water sat uncovered  not protected from anything or from anyone. I'm not sure I was thinking in my right mind because I know I'm suppose to cover the lye water when I'm not going to be using it anyway soon because it crystallized on the top and the water also evaporates.  So  that was the first problem!  The next was when I went to go use it I had to remix the crystillized part of the lye water and add way too much water like an extra 4oz!  That pretty much sealed the deal on this purfectly pretty soap.
O ya and I want to say I add to much fragrance too but I would not realize this until I seperated them into the different cups.

The black is charcoal. The purple is pop mica from TKB Trading.  The white Titanium dioxide: however I not sure if it the one you mix with water or oil so I mixed it with alcohol and then oil when it did not look right. And the tan is natural with only the fragrance oil added!

Now when I mixed all them together the way I wanted them I notice that the black and non-color were starting to separate and looking like the beginning of ricing..  Anyways I continued to mix and mix the black and it just would not mix right.  Knowing that I really should have not used it I used it anyways and lo and behold the outcome of my beautiful swirled soap. Check out this video the out come!
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