Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Making some No sudz Laundry sauce!

Making my no sudz laundry sauce! This washing sauce is very contrate and a little does a full wash! So ya this is the bomb dot com!

So let me explain how it works! You take 1 tablespoon of sauce and add it to the normal wash and 2 tablespoons for dirtier clothes!  Don't put it in the little tray you normal add the soap! This goes in with the clothes for both the top and front loaders! Now you may think this is not enough soap but trust me it is! Also remember there are NO SUDZ!  Wash as usual!  If you want to keep you wash as natural as possible then add about a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle this will help reduce the stiffiness of the clothes! Now for me I add fabric softner that I make with hair conditioner and vinegar!  But thats for another post!

So here the making of No Sudz Laundry Sauce!