Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peacock swirl cut bar

Omg i could not for my life get this to upload on youtube.  I`m still figuring out how to work this phone.  I`m better wih my camera. 

Anyway the soap was still way too soft to cut but I did anyways and I really like the  colors I have choosen.  Reminds me of sherburt ice cream and smell kinda of like.

I used plastic water bottles as my squirt bottles.  Had to be creative.  In the blog prior to this one it shows or has the reason I use the colors and fragrance.
I hope you guys enjoyed my blog I try to put it on youtube but things just did not turn out the way I wanted them too and I'm still like I said you knew at using this phone and I didn't know how to get it over.


  1. It totally has a sherbet look to it, and reminds me of those fun bubble gum ice creams they had when I as younger. I love it! =)

    1. I totally agree! it does look like it!