Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Growing pains!

Well its been about a week and a few days since I was asked about wholesaling my products at a local store! Well of course I said yes that was something I was interested in but inside I knew I had no knowledge about this field! My sales avenue is retail! I onow how to karket and sale my products!

So it has taken me a week to figure out what information I needed to have in order to know how much each item cost! I knew I could not afford any soap maker software so I had to come up with my own spread sheet! It took two days to do that and im still working on it!

Now I need to find out what other legal things I need todo before moving forward.   Such as getting a business license, liability insurance,  resaler license, business bank account! So much I most likely will need. All so over whelming!

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