Friday, June 25, 2010

New project!

Wow I had a very long morning running a friend of my around from one side to the city to the other but it was worth it!

Anyways I told myself since the weather is over casted and ugly I must do something with my soaps. So I grated a few old bars of soap and got them in the double boiler and add some water and EVOO. I decided to try and make sugared scrub cubes.WEll to my dismay it is harder than I though and how people explain how to make them. Now found my recipe about 1-2 years ago and only wrote down a short version of it so I had ot emprovise and Im not sure it was all that good. So this is what I got. A big glop of pink soap that smelled very nice> I use a purfume based fragrance called Pretty by Elizabeth Arden. Oh man does it smell so good. So I had a cupple of small molds that I use and had to actully glop it in and press it down cuse it was not soupy as the directions had stated. Well needless to say it got done and I guess you can say they turned out okay! Hopefully!!!

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